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Eagle Eye

Smart Voter Targeting & Campaign Data Consulting at competive rates

Offered by  Brendan Manning


Competitive pricing begins at minimum $500.00 charge, but scales reasonable with the size of your election. Please contact me for more details

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is the software I developed to help you better analyze your voter base!
It's was built from the ground up with local campaigns in mind and offers (among other things)...

Accessibility: I will work with candidates with or without party support.

Scale: Data is provided at a resonable price and at a scale that makes it easily digestable for resource-strapped campaigns.

Personal Connection: To take extra work off your plate, I can help you formulate a plan based on my own observations in your data (extra fees may apply).

* Terms and Conditions apply to all of the above.

Who Are You?

My name is Brendan Manning, an honors data science student at Temple University. 

As a self-taught software engineer and political activist, I'm looking to put my skills to positive use. 

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